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6 Home Modifications To Help You Age-In-Place

When you live in your home for a few years, you adjust and create ways to use the spaces in your home to meet your daily needs with quick fixes. Modifications and tweaks our homes to make our lives easier. When it comes to home modification, they are two separate divisions: simple and complex. With the use of a Home Modification Specialist, you can make a few quick fixes that can have an immediate impact on the convenience, comfort, and safety of your home.

6 ways that you can make modifications to your home to help you age-in-place.

Entrances, Doors and Stairways

  • Lever handles instead of doorknobs.

  • Keyless locks with remote control or keypads.

  • Anti-slip strips on front edge of steps in color-contrast material.

  • No carpeting on stairs and get rid of all throw rugs.

Good Lighting

  • Make sure the following areas are well lit: entrances, task areas (kitchen, laundry, and bathroom), storage areas, stairways, and walkways.

  • Install light switches that are easy to reach (36″ to 40″ above the floor) and easy to operate (e.g., rocker-style switches).

Electrical Outlets, Appliances, and Other Controls

  • Extra phone jacks.

  • Extra outlets which are placed to minimize kneeling and bending.

  • Easy to read and accessible controls for appliances and thermostats.


  • Clear counter space.

  • Color-contrast edges on counters.

  • Anti-scald faucets with easy to reach and easy to use single levers.


  • Adjustable hand-held shower head.

  • Height appropriate toilet seat.

  • Mirrors viewable from both sitting and standing positions.

  • Anti-scald faucets with accessible and easy-to-use single levers.


  • Adjustable height shelving and closet rods.

  • Pull out-shelves, rollout cabinets, and other easy to access storage components.

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