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Let us A.I.D.E you with your home!

Accessible Modifications for Homeowners 

Creating modern and accessible-friendly designs that allow you to safely age-in-place.


Assess. Identify. Design. Educate


We perform a comprehensive client task analysis, taking into consideration all of your medical/physical needs and how that affects your ability to access your home safely. If a caregiver is involved, we assess that person as well in order to make the most appropriate recommendations for both of you.


Depending on the needs and priorities of the homeowner, we will focus the client task analysis on :

  • Fall prevention and home safety recommendations

  • Making the home accessible by widening doorways, installing ramps or lifts

  • Remodeling of rooms (bathroom, kitchen, bedrooms) to meet your needs

  • Complete remodeling of the home

  • Custom home building


We support you in the process of speaking to our team of contractors to ease the process of home modifications by serving as a liaison between you and the contractors. Before the contractor even gets to your home, we provide plan reviews and consultation as a service on your behalf.

We oversee the construction process from start to finish by making site visits to closely monitor and ensure appropriate follow-through of the established plan. Custom accessibility requires consistent supervision.

We will guide you through the whole home modification process, from identifying what is necessary, constructing a design plan, and guiding you through the construction process.


We provide a post-occupancy evaluation to ensure that the recommended modifications are sufficient, appropriate and functioning properly. Furthermore, we educate you and your caregivers in the safe use of the modifications and/or equipment once everything is installed.

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