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We A.I.D.E. professionals too!

Collaborating with Architects, Contractors, Designers, Draftsmen, Engineers, and Handymen. 

Creating accessibilty solutions for home and commercial properties.


Assess. Identify. Design. Educate


We assess the space or spaces at every stage of development to provide the expertise of our home modification specialists. We change the traditional understanding of a home, but also bring function, comfort, and style. We offer meetings to discuss a multi-disciplinary approach to each project. No project is too big or small to get the AgeWise Home team’s touch.


We identify simple and complex modifications that can be made to maximize sales dollars for single-family homes, townhomes, condominiums and rental properties. The main barriers to accessibility to the home are entrance stairs, bathroom management and access to the second level. Regardless of a home’s footprint we will focus on the age in place industry and identify areas to expand.


Either independently or with your design team, we will illustrate a well constructed and designed home that is also accessible. Our focus is a wonderful end product with Universal Design. Universal Design allows a toddler to a senior the ability to live in the same home without the fear of injury or the sacrifice of comfort or style.


We educate your company on the age in place industry and how to expand your focus on an industry that is expected to grow exponentially because of the Senior Sumani. People are living longer and no longer what to “make it work” and want to either modify their homes to meet their needs or sell then purchase a new home that will fit their needs.  The age in place trend is happening all around the world and we will assist you with being at the forefront of the changes in your community.

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